A hand polishing aluminum bumper with 361 pcs Swarovski
    zirconia. ETERNITY, a masterpiece of craftsmanship,
    symbolizes prestige and a high standing. Using jewelry grade
    manual setting, ETERNITY is made with Tiffany classic prong
    setting. The purely manual setting allows ETERNITY to
    present the most beautiful luster.
    For more than a century, Swarovski has been generating
    radiance through precision cutting technology and the
    virtuous handling of light. The company‘s richness of
    expression is rooted in the cultural heritage of Central Europe
    and its flair for forging links between the arts, science, and
    business. Throughout the world today, the name Swarovski
    stands for craftsmanship, meticulousness, quality, and
  • DRACOdesign
    Fashion, style, luxury, handcrafted precision, dynamic
    performance and advanced processing skills; these are the
    element of the philosophy DRACOdesign builds into the very
    DNA of its products.